Design and Simulation of Four Stroke Engines

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This book provides design assistance with the actual mechanical design of an engine in which the gas dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and combustion have been optimized so as to provide the
required performance characteristics such as power, torque, fuel consumption, or noise emission. Many engines (including a number of famous ones) are used as design examples and analyzed.

Featuring much practical design guidance not found in other books, Design and Simulation of Four-Stroke
Engines begins by providing comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of engine design and
development, ranging from mechanical principles to engine testing and the thermodynamics of engine
cycles. A major section provides readers with a fundamental understanding of unsteady gas dynamics,
i.e., the way in which pressure waves move all gases in, through, and out of an engine.

A complete chapter is devoted to the measurement and analysis of the discharge coefficients of ports,
valves, and ducting discontinuities such as throttles. The method by which they are mapped in order to
be included within an engine simulation is comprehensively described.

The book’s coverage of combustion provides data on the burn characteristics of a range of spark-ignition
and diesel engines in a manner which gives real data input for those wishing to simulate a wide variety
of power units with truly representative combustion characteristics.

Empiricism on intake romming, exhaust system tuning, and design of’ the porting and volving of the
cylinder head occupies an entire chapter. Such data is vital to ensure that all design aspects of on engine are sufficiently well-matched prior to any optimization using a computer simulation.

The discussion on noise emission illustrates the point that intake and exhaust silencers can be designed by a computer simulation, because the trade-off in noise emission and performance characteristics can be determined by the modeling of the entire engine together with its mufflers.

While the majority of the book is devoted to the design and modeling of the spark-ignition engine, there is also comprehensive treatment of the diesel or compression-ignition engine.

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