Android Development for Gifted Primates: A Beginner’s Guide (Guides for Gifted Primates Book 1)

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طلب كورس
Written by sRT*

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طلب كورس


Tired of dry, humorless, life-sucking coding books that feel like they were written by an automaton called Automax-201421?

Me too. That’s why this book takes a different approach!
In this very opinionated book about Android development, geared towards beginners, you will learn, among other things

  • how to create a user interface by using XML
  • how to make that user interface interactive
  • how to start background services
  • how to facilitate communication between various Android components by using Intents and Broadcast Receivers
  • why King Kong should not be able to produce actual excrement BUT THE GOVERNMENTS KEEP LYING TO US ABOUT IT
  • how people debugged their Android apps in the trenches of World War I

…and much more.
Written in a very serious and dryly technical manner by Antonis Tsagaris, this tome of celestial wisdom is meant for beginners and is rated R for strong language and mild sexuality.

Antonis is the Android developer for codehouse five, a company specializing in web and Android development. Check out Karkoona, Looxie and Veterondo in the Play Store to see some of his work in action. Most of his apps have been featured in some Apps of the Week/Month/Year list or another in world-renowned publications such as TechRadar, The Times of India, PhoneArena, Android Police and many more.
Antonis enjoys souvlaki, hiking, salivary glands (it’s a thing) and talking about himself in the third person.

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