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In today’s fast-paced world with its unprecedented rate of change, how will you keep up?
Would you like to improve your learning speed and ability to recallwhat you’ve learned? Do you want to enhance your memory and learn how to become a human calculator?

If you’re seeking to expand your mind by applying faster methods for learning and retaining new information, this is the perfect book for you. Keep reading!

The amount of information in the world is ever increasing in today’s digital age. The ability to continuously grow is an essential skill for people of all ages. The human brain is naturally designed to learn. Patterns help the mind see concepts and connections between what you are learning and how you can use it. The mind will likely recall the pattern rather than the lesson fundamentals.

Just like the body, the brain must be exercised regularly. Without regular use, it will weaken and become ineffective. Additionally, an emotional experience will be remembered much more quickly than one that you were not emotionally invested in. Because stress can inhibit the learning process, your emotional and mental state should be as positive and upbeat as possible.

The author of this book, a highly successful psychologist, has developed a unique six-step framework for rapid skill acquisition that has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life improve their approach to learning. Jimmie Powell’s clear, expert voice walks you through the process of developing an effective, lifelong learning habit.

No matter what field, subject or topic you need to study, you can acquire the necessary knowledge in a swift and stress-free manner. In Accelerated Learning: Proven Scientific Advanced Techniques for Speed Reading, Comprehension, Photographic Memory, Mental Math & Lasting Retention, you will find out how to:

  • Cut down on your hours of study time by applying 6 proven steps to faster learning
  • Access the key trait needed to develop your ability to concentrate
  • Discover your authentic intelligence and learning strengths
  • Proven techniques to reinforce your learning and recall stored information for years to come
  • Apply the core skills needed to become a faster, more skillful learner
  • Speed read, develop a photographic memory and become a master of mental math
  • And much more!

Learning is not just about knowing the correct answers to questions. It’s about learning how to think and where to look for information. If you’re looking for key strategies on how you can transition from being an occasional learner to a lifelong learner, this book is a great fit.

Even if you’ve been conditioned to dread the amount of time you need to acquire new information, following the guidelines in this book can bring out your inner child and his or her natural drive to learn. Learn scientifically proven methods for how to effectively retain and recall knowledge whenever it’s needed.

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