Python Advanced Concepts: Advanced Python Going Fast

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طلب كورس

Python Advanced Concepts Advanced Python Going Fast


Hello, my name is Ibra, and welcome to Python Advanced Concepts: Advanced Python Going Fast.

Python is a beautiful language, very simple, easy to use, powerfully expressive and well suited for rapid application development.

Python is understood and preferred all over the world for development because It’s a general-purpose, high-level Object Oriented Programming Language based interpreted language, used for dynamic applications, widely across the globe. Python is extremely popular for its versatility and scope of applicability.


In order to build real applications in Python or dive deeper into Python frameworks and libraries, there are many important concepts and features that you need to master Which are covered in this course Rapidly.

By the end of this Advanced Course, you should have a good understanding of some of the most important features of The Modern Python from the practical side that will benefit you in creating python applications the right way.


This training is in practical way and If we need some theoretical hint, I will put them at the bottom of the lesson or as a reminder in the last part of the lesson and If you do not understand any point of this course you can ask me about it and i will answer your question quickly.

what we cover in this course:

  • First we will explain in practice how to build iterators and stop sequences by using related exceptions.
  • You will see how to build and use generators.
  • Then,We will jump into advanced concepts of closures for locally and globally.
  • Also decorators, you will master the using of decorator by seeing a real example.
  • We will discuss and use the most important built in arguments *args, **kwargs and more.
  • You will know how to use the property method the right way.
  • All about Itertools and its methods.
  • Working with stacks.
  • Working with Queues.
  • Working with Deques.
  • Using LifoQueue method.
  • Using and implement mutable and immutable multisets.
  • Immutable Frozenset method.
  • Working with Counter module.
  • Swapping and Reversing Examples.
  • How to Join items.
  • Modules directories.
  • Hands-On python Enumeration.
  • Multiple and frequent values.
  • Handling Object Size.
  • Anagrams and Zipped dictionaries with Examples.
  • Universally user id and more.

Who this course is for:

  • Junior Python Developer.
  • Any Python developer who wants to take their skills to the advanced level.
  • Developers who do not want to waste time in the basics and want to dive deeply into Python advanced features.
  • Anyone who want to go beyond the Python Basics and improve their Python skills with New Features.


  • You need any computer with Text Editor or IDE.
  • Basic understanding of Python features(Variables, Loops, Conditions, Lists, Dictionaries, Methods, Object and Classes).

Last updated 7/2019


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