Mobile Video Journalism – Pro iPhone video editing course

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Mobile Video Journalism – Pro iPhone video editing course

iPhone Video Production: Interviewing, Video Editing, Reporting, Live Video. Smartphone video editing & video production
  • 6 hours on-demand video
  • 22 articles
  • 7 downloadable resources
What you’ll learn
  • Best practices for producing, filming, and editing video
  • How to use the Filmic Pro app to capture broadcast-quality video

  • How to develop a video story from start to finish

  • Master storyboarding techniques and story forms
  • Produce a portfolio of videos with practical projects
  • Develop in-depth interviewing techniques that deliver great results
  • How to edit a branded video on a mobile device for quick publishing
  • The basics of editing on iMovie (and other video apps)
  • How to deliver for a polished, professional look to your stories
  • The secrets to creating social video that resonates with a mobile audience!
  • No previous experience is required
  • You will need a late-model smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • Some apps we show are paid, but are not expensive. Many are free.

Mobile Video Journalism Certificate Course

October 2018: Updated with fresh Android video tutorials, plus tips for IGTV and Instastories.

This course is by the best-selling mobile journalism trainer who has taught thousands of reporters mobile video reporting methods.

Journalists, editors, producers, media instructors, and journalism professors use this course to learn how to shoot, edit and share professional video stories with a mobile phone. 

This highly-rated course will guide you step-by-step through the reporting and production methods for mobile journalism.

“Robb is an excellent instructor. He knows his subject matter and teaches each module clearly. I highly recommend his course. Enroll now!”
— Jayson Guerrero ★★★★★

At the end of this course you will be able to:

• Use smartphones for news gathering

• Shoot high quality video clips

• Organize visual elements into a video story

• Produce live streams

• Conduct interviews

• Edit video with various apps

• Produce stories for social audiences

• Edit videos for different social platforms

• Write a script for voice-over narration

• Produce reporter-led stories

• Report character-led stories with sound bites

• Produce piece-to-camera segments

• Produce vertical video stories

• Make a video from 10 photos and a script

• Film in shot sizes and patterns

• Use the correct apps for each type of video

• Perform simple, but powerful video editing

• Compress time with sequences

• Storyboard a short video report

The methods and lessons in this course are concise, practical and information rich.

“Robb is very clear and straightforward in his teaching, and I appreciate the way his lectures are backed up with slide or text reviews. Production quality is professional. Highly recommended!” – Stephen Box ★★★★★

This course is used by reporters at The New York Times, Reuters, 24SATA, RTÉ, AP, Mediacorp, Channel News Asia, The Straits-Times, SPH Magazines, TVN24, VRT Belgium, and CNN.

This digital skills training is designed for active journalists by the journalism professor who wrote the book on smartphone video storytelling.

  • The lessons in this course are a well-curated library of journalism-oriented training materials — with explainers, videos and real-world reporting exercises. You can select new skills to learn on your time and at your pace.
  • The on-demand lesson modules are short in length, straight to the point, well-illustrated and shares in a conversational style.
  • You can take the lessons on your phone, tablet or computer and replay any content until you get the hang of it.

The syllabus is similar to the courses the instructor has designed for university journalism degree programs worldwide. This course is mandatory for all incoming journalism students at the schools where the instructor teaches in Europe.

Smart Film School lesson content is frequently refreshed to remain current and vital. The lessons are filmed from stories that take place on five continents. The video tutorials are entertaining and inspiring.

If you tell stories for a living or teach storytelling skills, this course is for you.

What’s do the lesson’s teach?

  • Many storytelling techniques and exercises for creating snackable and shareable visual content for mobile audiences.
  • Visual story planning, visually-led reporting techniques and writing to pictures.
  • How to create awide range of multimedia content and how to organize workflows.
  • How to quickly film and edit videos for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat audiences.

“I am a senior at Notre Dame in a Multimedia Journalism class with Len Clark and I found this course to be extremely helpful and interesting! Definitely many tools that I can utilize in my future career!” — Elizabeth Carson ★★★★★ 

NOTE to Professors: This video course content is also offered as a campus license to universities worldwide at the Smart Film School web site.

Enroll now!

Who this course is for:
  • Journalists
  • Media students
  • Mobile journalism trainers
  • Social Media teams
  • Communications teams
  • Social media teams
  • Journalism instructors
  • Correspondents
  • Broadcasters


Mobile Video Journalism – Pro iPhone video editing   (download)
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