Foundation Course in WordPress Website Development

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طلب كورس
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طلب كورس

Foundation Course in WordPress Website Development


Follow your dreams. Build Your Own Blog Site. Take the first step.

Have you ever wondered how good it would feel having your own blogs and letting people know how you feel about a certain topic? Blogs can bring life to a personal or business website.

Ever dreamt of having a blog site where you were in complete control of what blogs get published on your site? Now you have a chance to realize this dream.

Websites are an essential part of your personal or business identity. A business without a website is a business without a face. But creating a website means facing multiple challenges, most importantly – knowledge, time and cost. Very rarely you will find the team who give you the best outcome with the above three. And even if you do get such a team, managing the website once it is live can get cumbersome.

As a first step towards realizing your website goals, Digital Dojo brings you a simple, yet effective online training program that gets you started with your personal blog site. You will be in total control of your blog site.

This is an outcome based training program where at the end of the training, you will have your own blog site to show off. Follow our steps, and at the end you will have a blog site of your own – This is our promise. You can share your blog site with your customers, clients, family and friends. And Proudly say – THIS IS MY BLOG SITE AND I HAVE BUILT IT MYSELF!

Does the thought of having your own blog site inspire you? Here is your chance.

Who this course is for:

  • Learners interested in building their own websites.


  • There are no pre-requisites to this course. Students will learn developing wordpress websites from the scratch.

Last updated 7/2019


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