Triangles,Circles and Areas related to circles|Math|Geometry

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Triangles,Circles and Areas related to circles Math Geometry


Triangles and circles are the two basic and important figures in the area of geometry, Mathematics.

It has a lot of properties that are used to solve problems and to prove theorems.

So we have designed this best selling course on Triangles and Circles will give a broad idea on various important terminologies, theorems and problems.

-What you will learn?

By the end of our short yet detailed sessions, you will have an understanding of:

In the section of triangles we have:

1) Introduction to triangles and its types.

2) Study of Similarity and congruency of triangles

3) Ratios of areas of similar triangles

4) Pythagoras theorem

5) Basic proportionality theorem

And in section of circles we have:

1) Introduction to circle and areas related to a circle

2) Some important theorems related to a circle

3) Inscribed angle theorem

4) Tangent secant theorem

5) Cyclic Quadrilateral

6) And Quiz videos to test the knowledge.

-Who can take this course?

It can be taken by all students who have Arithmetic Progression as a part of their curriculum.

It will also benefit teachers who wishes to improve their teaching skills and make learning fun for their students.

Benefits of taking this Course:

This course will make your fundamentals of triangles and circles stronger with the help of:

Explanatory videos ensures complete concept understanding.

Downloadable resources helps in applying your knowledge to solve various problems.

Quiz video helps in testing your knowledge.

In short it is an interesting course fulfilling all the student’s needs.

If you want to purchase this course then do email us we will provide you the discount coupon code which can reduce your cost and you can able to learn easily.

So hurry up and enroll now!!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wants to learn Triangles and Circles in detail.


  • Some basic knowledge of geometry is required like types of angles and their properties.

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