AutoCAD for Beginner: Learn & Earn with AutoCAD Design Skill

Learn & Earn with this AutoCAD 2018-19 Design Course : Learn from 2D Design to 3D Modeling Project’s
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Last updated 11/2018

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What you’ll learn
  • Designing & Modeling with AutoCAD 2D & 3D
  • Start Earning with AutoCAD Design Skills

  • Experience with AutoCAD 2018 & 2019, its Advance Commands & Features

  • 3 Storey Building Design with AutoCAD: from Scratch to Complete Design
  • AutoCAD 3D Design & Modeling of the 3 Storey Building
  • Get Number of Design Examples & Design Files [DWG Files] which Worth Much!

  • Eager to Learn AutoCAD Design Skill
  • PC with AutoCAD 2018 or 2019 Install [We also provide session on installing AutoCAD in this Course]
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This Course is on AutoCAD 2018 & AutoCAD 2019. The main objective of this course is to make you able to Earn from the AutoCAD projects at Freelancing Sites and make you able to get Good Job with AutoCAD Design, so this course is “Gateway to Freelancing with Building Design Project’s”.

We are introducing the state of art design method for engineering application with AutoDesk AutoCAD. We will teach you from the very basic of Building Design as coordinate systemDesigning Basic ShapesLinesDrawing with layersAnnotating the Design, Block DesignAttribute on DesignLayout , Printing , ScalingAdvance Commands3D Modeling with AutoCAD etc.

Here is the major sections of this course:

  1. Basic Drawing and Editing with AutoDesk AutoCAD, Drawing with Layer, Hatching, Annotation
  2. Creating Blocks, Attributes, External References
  3. Layout ,Printing and Scaling
  4. Advance Commands with AutoCAD
  5. Complete Design of 3 Storey Building & some other drawing examples.
  6. 3D Modeling with AutoCAD Tool , etc.

Who this course is for:
  • Civil Engineering Enthusiast
  • Architecture & Design Enthusiast
  • Mechanical Engineering Enthusiast
  • Electrical Engineering Enthusiast
  • AutoCAD Enthusiast who want to learn and earn with AutoCAD Skills


Section (1-5)

AutoCAD for Beginner Learn & Earn with AutoCAD Design Skill(1-5).zip   (download)
2.66 GB…/AutoCAD_for_Beginner_Learn_&_Earn_with_AutoCAD_Design_Skill(1-5).zip

Section (6-8)

AutoCAD for Beginner Learn & Earn with AutoCAD Design Skill(6-8).zip   (download)
3.21 GB…./AutoCAD_for_Beginner_Learn_&_Earn_with_AutoCAD_Design_Skill(6-8).zip

Section (9-11)

AutoCAD for Beginner Learn & Earn with AutoCAD Design Skill(9-11).zip   (download)
2.77 GB…/AutoCAD_for_Beginner_Learn_&_Earn_with_AutoCAD_Design_Skill(9-11).zip

Section (12-14)

AutoCAD for Beginner Learn & Earn with AutoCAD Design Skill(12-14).zip   (download)
2.81 GB…/AutoCAD_for_Beginner_Learn_&_Earn_with_AutoCAD_Design_Skill(12-14).zip

Section (15-18)

AutoCAD for Beginner Learn & Earn with AutoCAD Design Skill(15-18).zip   (download)
1.50 GB…/AutoCAD_for_Beginner_Learn_&_Earn_with_AutoCAD_Design_Skill(15-18).zip


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