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The Story of How I Got 1.7 Million Visitors Without Paying a Cent
If you know how to use WordPress, then you can do this too.
Most companies are doing content marketing wrong.

I was too.

Like everyone else, usually I would pump out a new piece of content every week and I was lucky if I got a couple hundred readers. Every week I would work my ass off, most of the time getting no where.

I had just written a new article for my agency blog (about Hubspot) to try and attract business owners who liked Hubspot.

Except this time I tried a new technique that a mentor told me about…


Just look at who started sharing and recommending my article…

I thought maybe I had just gotten “lucky” with this one piece of content.

So I was determined to make my next piece of content for Noah at Sumo even better.

I researched and wrote the article, then Noah edited for accuracy.

I then applied the exact same technique from before to Noah’s article as I did with the HubSpot one.

The headline for this one was “8 Marketing Ideas from Inside a $50 Million Startup.”

Here’s how the promotion stats breakdown:

•#1 Top Performing B2B Article In 7 Years
•2,700 Shares In The First 15 Days
•Outperformed Noah’s Viral Giveaways

I had found a reliable, repeatable, scalable system for making B2B content spread.

You might be thinking “the trick” is about SEO, but it’s not.

We didn’t do any keyword research, beg for backlinks, or optimize our LSI.

Although, the cool part is that SEO is a natural side effect of what I’m doing. And what am I doing…

If you’re hungry for a simple method that gets lots of clicks without SEO or without paying for clicks, then keep reading.

But first I have a confession…

I actually started out as a paid traffic guy. That original article was to attract companies who wanted me to drive paid traffic. Then after I saw how much free traffic I was getting – Well, let’s just say I rarely login to FB ads anymore.

Let me ask you a question…

Is Facebook still changing the rules every week? And still shutting down accounts? Is Google still charging over $1 per click?

I’m not saying I NEVER use paid ads, just saying I don’t need to pay for clicks anymore.

What I never understood about paid ads…

Why Do Ad Networks Make It So Hard?
Does it even make sense why ad networks make it so hard to pay them for clicks. Shouldn’t they make it easier, not harder???

You almost need a college degree to figure out Google Ads.

Then there’s all the rules…

Ad networks decide what headlines you can use. They decide they don’t like your squeeze page.

It feels like ad networks have more rules than a library.

Even worse, they add new rules almost every week! It’s almost like everything that works good – they decide to ban it.

Which means you almost have to re-learn how to do marketing their way. You’re forever at their mercy.

Then, if you get a great paid campaign going it might get shut down overnight. Sometimes you get shut down even if their own ad reviewers disapprove something by mistake.

Worst of all – YOU – have to prove why it was THEIR mistake.

That’s if you’re lucky enough to talk to anyone. God knows they make it hard to contact customer support.

I found another way, and thank god I did.

Because of My New Traffic Skills, I Now Get To Do Awesome Stuff Like Hang Out In Jamaica
Without Paid Clicks, I Still Got 1,718,798 Visitors To Our Website
This wasn’t just some fluke viral article that I wrote one time and got lucky.

This was over a whole year’s time with a small bunch of articles. Which for the most part I didn’t even write, I just researched.

You will be able to repeat my success with this content marketing method over and over.

It’s reliable, consistent, free, and Google can’t take it away!

It’s working so well, that investors, CEOs, and CMOs are reaching out to me asking to do what I do for them…

Ok, let me explain what I did…

Frankly, I do almost all the same stuff that paid traffic guys do, except for the paying for clicks part.

I still make a customer avatar.

You have to know your target. Without this it’s like trying to navigate in a new city with no map.

I still write headlines, call to actions, build an email list, and post stuff to social media.

The BIGGEST differences are…

I don’t have to ask permission from ad networks first
I can never get banned or shut down
I get all my clicks for free, instead of paying
If you want to rank for keywords organically, then this works great without much effort.

* But it’s not SEO.*

SEO is far too difficult, competitive, and still makes you at mercy from getting all your traffic taken away.The only company who changes their rules more than Facebook, is Google!

You don’t have to research low competition keywords.
You don’t have to beg for links via email outreach.
You don’t have to measure your keyword density.
You don’t need a top secret private network of sites linking to yours.
Then how does it rank organically?

Because my method still gets you a lot of shares, clicks, backlinks, and time on page.

It does all that as a side effect.

Meaning it just happens.

Google loves all those things. They will rank your content favorably WITHOUT having to do “SEO.”

The organic (SEO) traffic you’ll get is a nice side benefit.

You’ll get even much more traffic from other sources though.

And you won’t be sitting around waiting for the Google gods to bless your page with #1 rankings.

I’ve documented everything over the last year. I’ve created video tutorials, and case studies too.

Content Marketing Masters is more than a course, it’s a full content marketing system. You can take it for yourself, or plug in a team member.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside…
The 3 content types I used to get millions of clicks, hundreds of thousands of leads, and over 1,000 sales
REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: The content strategy and site structure I designed for Sumo.com (over 500,000 clicks per month)
How to create content that moves your readers to become customers without ever picking up a phone or doing webinars
My favorite content research techniques that identify hot ideas from cold duds
My 5-step content writing checklist with examples and templates so you too can delegate this to anyone
The exact process I use to hire quality writers that get results, instead of those fluff pieces that don’t even get shared or ranked
How to use smart content upgrades to convert 1 out of 5 of your readers into subscribers
How to do a “Pre-Launch Promotion” for your content that builds anticipation and ensures you won’t fall flat on your face when launching
How to rapid test headlines to find one that will get you 1,000’s of shares
The exact email I use to get other top influencers in my market to take part in helping me write and promote my content
The most powerful way to increase your audience size and get hundreds of marketing qualified leads in one day. Even if no one has ever heard of you before
How to get promotion partners, even if you think your current audience size isn’t big enough for them
How to know exactly which articles you should put paid clicks behind because the ROI is a sure bet
How to start out with a small budget, and turn it into a larger more lucrative budget
How to get the CEOs of industry-leading companies, even big VC’s, to like and share your content
The exact process I used to produce one of Noah Kagan’s highest shared articles of all time for OkDork
10 promotion tactics that DID NOT work out, so you won’t waste your time on them
How I drove 50,778 clicks to one blog post on Sumo.com with just 1 hour of work
You don’t want to be doing all the grunt work.

I’ll show you how to rapidly replace yourself with my instant delegation kit. Use these checklists, spreadsheets, and swipes to get your team producing results for you.

Inside you’re going to get…

The Content Promotion Experiments Worksheet I use to try out, score, and select new promotion tactics (filled with experiment details I already tried)
ONE simple spreadsheet to plan, manage, and track ALL your content
How to use the Pro-active Metrics Tracking Worksheet so your team knows exactly what to do each week
Exclusive access to my live file of successful content swipes. (the best content marketing pieces I’ve ever written or seen are all here!)
The Content Promotion Checklist I use every time I want people in my industry to talk about what I’ve published (with step-by-step instructions for every item, so you can outsource it)
My top 10 tools for content research, writing, editing, upgrades, and promotions. Plus info on what exactly I use them for, and how.
And more…
I considered licensing.

With licensing to one company at a time, I could charge $10,000 since this is a plug-and-play system.

$10,000 would be a bargain for the amount of traffic, leads, and sales my method produces.

Currently, I work for Sumo.com doing exactly what I teach in this course. And my boss would think $10,000 is a great price compared to what he’s paid me so far.

I don’t want to be doing phone sales and meetings to license this out though.

Instead I considered the normal “course launch” price of $2,000 – $5,000 like everyone else charges.

I could do a launch twice a year and do pretty well.

I felt like $2,000 puts it out of the hands of people like myself when I first started.

So I decided on only charging $498/year.

You’re probably asking, “Why yearly?” and that’s a great question. I’m committed to making this the best course on creating content that converts visitors into customers.

So, I’m constantly working to improve the course. When you sign up, you’re not just getting access to a course that was created years ago and never updated. You’re getting access to a course that gets updated multiple times per year.

I’ve already updated two of the lessons this year and have a plan for 2 more bonuses.

Even if all you sell is a $50 product, you’d only need to sell 10 of them to make your money back. And I’ve already shown you how this method generated over 1,000 customers for us.



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