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How To Build Profitable Chat Bots & Get Paid To Do It

Chat bot campaigns are 4x – 8x more profitable than emails
You can charge $1000 to $6000 per bot campaign
Chat bots are the new email

“Learn How People Like Mary Are Making $12,000+/mo Building Bots For Businesses.”
“Holy crap, our click-through rate is 33%+ on these….”
We couldn’t believe what we were seeing from our first tests with chat bots.

On our email list of over 125,000 people, we see click-through rates of only 1% to 6% at most.

Now that we are using Messenger bots, we’re seeing click through rates of 33%+.

We started teaching this to some of our loyal students in our private group, and almost overnight they were getting offers of $2,000+ to build other people chat bots!

…Larger companies, like the one I angel invested in called Assist, charge $100,000+ to build bots for bigger corporations.

This is when I knew something had shifted in the internet landscape….

Hi, I’m Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy
After graduating from college, I built and sold an online greeting card company that did over $30 million in sales, and then built Mixergy.com into the most respected business interview site where I help entrepreneurs learn from people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, & Joe Gebbia (founder of Airbnb).

For years I interviewed founders, and they kept telling me how email marketing is the most effective thing they do.

But the more I talk to them in private, the more they’re admitting that it’s getting harder to collect email addresses and build an audience, and harder to get people to open emails and even harder to get real sales from email.

Have you noticed that, too?

I’ve seen the same thing with our marketing emails.





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