* Title: Functional JavaScript Libraries Playbook
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Developers tend to come across functional programming (FP)
as they gain more experience and are looking for ways to wr
ite cleaner, more maintainable code. Unfortunately, over t
he last few years, “Functional JavaScript Development” has
taken on a shiny-object status. Lots of articles are being
written about it and it’s approaching a religious fervor
either for it or against it. That leaves people who just
want to know what it’s all about, and if it can help them w
ith their programming tasks, stuck in the middle. If you ha
ven t specifically done functional development, I would bet
that you ve been impacted by it, and have probably even wr
itten some functional code, even if you didn t know it. Fun
ctional code is predictable, modular and easier to reason a
bout. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, though, or right for
every situation. In this course, Functional JavaScript Libr
aries Playbook, you’ll learn some of the popular functional
JavaScript libraries and seeing what they re all about

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