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* Title: Automating Cloud Operations with AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell
* Date: * Type: Bookware
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With the rise of cloud computing, automation is becoming in
creasingly important in IT. If your organization uses Micro
soft Windows and Amazon Web Services (AWS), you might be wo
ndering how best to approach automation. In this course, Au
tomating Cloud Operations with AWS Tools for Windows PowerS
hell, you will learn foundational knowledge of the AWS Powe
rShell module and its cmdlets. First, you will cover how to
install and manage the tools. Next, you will discover how
the PowerShell tools authenticate with AWS and how to secur
ely manage your credentials. Finally, you will explore the
design principles used by the AWS PowerShell tools, enablin
g you to identify and understand any of the over 5,000 cmdl
ets they contain. When you are finished with this course, y
ou will have the skills and knowledge of the AWS PowerShell
tools needed to build effective AWS automation with Window
s PowerShell

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