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Last updated 1/2018
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What Will I Learn?
  • Totally understand how the singing voice works and how to take ownership of your own training routines, destiny and results. The four pillars of singing empowers students to be able to do it all on their own.
  • The ability to extend vocal range by bridging the passaggio, or vocal break seamlessly.
  • The ability to sing in a full voice, above the vocal break and develop the head voice for range augmentation.
  • The ability to use singing vowels and resonance as the key to opening up their voice and properly trouble-shooting problems. The understanding of the acoustics of singing is critical to really becoming great and solving many problems.
  • How to apply all the lessons to the art of singing.
  • Students will have command over the key vocal effects; distortion, grit, rattle, vibrato, sobbing, yarling and more!
  • Computer
  • A Keyboard (Can Be An App. or Something Small & Simple)
  • Amplification With Microphones If Possible, But Not Required
  • A Willingness To Train The Techniques 4 – 7 Days A Week, 1 – 2 Hours Each Session

“Hands Down- THE best vocal training ever…I can’t say enough about how well Robert Lunte explains and demonstrates the techniques and the theory behind the art of singing.” – Michael Rendon 

“I’m only about a week and a half into the course, but the difference is absolutely dramatic. The training techniques are very different from anything I’ve ever experienced.” – Cole Gentles 

“The Four Pillars of Singing is no joke. It’s the real deal. If you’re aspiring to become a successful singer this is the place you need to be.” – Bram

  • OVER 21 HOURS!

The TVS vocal training course and book is widely considered to be the most comprehensive and complete home study vocal training system ever developed for singers of all styles and levels of experience. Sold in over 120 countries.

Founder and producer of the The Vocalist Studio and The Vocalist Studio Method, Maestro Robert Lunte, has produced an intensive vocal training system that not only shows you what to do, but explains why and how with scientific and practical application.

This proven vocal training program was offered to members of The Vocalist Studio only, but after raving testimonials and real success from students, Robert has finally decided to release this course here on Udemy to help even more vocalists like you achieve spectacular results.

With very clear, step by step instructions and video demonstrations of how to train your singing voice, The Four Pillars of Singing is for any student that is prepared to train and practice with the expectation of gaining lasting, life changing progress.

You won’t just learn how to improve your singing voice or how to extend your vocal range or how to warm up properly… Train Vocal Athletes. This is high performance vocal training with effective results, no matter what your starting point is.

What You Get When You Enroll:

  • Real-Time customer service chat system where you can communicate with the course creator in person!
  • Access to ‘The Four Pillars of Singing’ eBook inside the course. (Only Udemy Singing Course with a Book).
  • Training Work Flow diagrams that show you step by step, which workouts to train and when.
  • 32 High Definition videos of Robert Lunte demonstrating ALL the vocal workouts. Train over the videos!
  • 170+ video lessons with quizzes to measure your progress.
  • 32 vocal workouts, offered in slow and fast versions.
  • 32 vocal workouts specially made for both men and women.
  • 32 guide files that allow you to train over a pre-recorded track to learn how the exercises go.
  • Notation of every workout for those that can read music and follow notes.
  • Step by step instructions and detailed routines that teach you exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it.
  • How to train specific vocal styles, vocal modes, and training onsets, vocal strength building, coordination and tuning techniques, improve the color / tones of your voice, respiration exercises, mechanics of tongue and body positioning, anchoring your larynx, microphone ergonomics, and the list goes on…

Scroll through the curriculum / the list of video lectures to preview the value contained in this complete vocal training system.

You CAN become a great singer. It’s not genetics. It’s science, applied with the right practice habits.

When you truly understand the mechanics of how the voice operates, as you will in these video lectures, you open up a complete toolbox that allows you to truly dive into the art of singing.

Enroll now, start following through Robert’s explanations, and apply the practice techniques.

See you on the inside!

Who is the target audience?
  • Any student that is looking to increase vocal range, endurance and stability for singing.
  • Students that are prepared to train and practice 4 – 7 days a week, 1 – 2 hours each session.
  • The TVS course and book is the “go to” program for students that seek to take their singing to the next level of expertise.
  • Students that are interested in learning some basic science of singing and how the singing voice actually works.

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